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We are experts within Virtual Reality, with experience of developement on a wide variety of platforms.


Our big passion and main mission is to make fun games, regardless of platform!

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Ghosts, and how XML will make modding great

This past week have spent a great deal of time on fixing some synchronization issues we had with chunk loading. Chunk loading is what happens when the player enters a new area on the map, and the following happens: If the server isn’t simulating the chunk (it isn’t loaded on the server), the chunk is loaded into server memory from a save file and everything starts “moving”. The server server […]

What we have been up to & why ECS is the way to GIGANTIC hordes

Hello there! As some people might have noticed, our YouTube dev log series has stopped popping up. This is not in any way because we have stopped working, but rather because Simon, who creates these dev logs, has been busy helping a client of ours with a few IT projects. Getting these videos qualitative enough to meet our standards takes a full day each, which is time that can be […]

Down to Dungeon will have Gear VR motion controller support!

This week we have been hard at work with a lot of things. We are almost finished with the game itself, and have now been experimenting with additional input, including the Gear VR motion controller, and it works really well with this kind of game! Being able to interact with the game mechanics more directly really adds a new dimension to the experience. It also allow those that do not […]

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