Strategic resources

Since last week we have been pretty busy with side projects and administration. It doesn’t get much game done, but it is needed to keep us going, so it has to be done. This means we didn’t have time for all that much development, but we still have loads of ideas we want to share!

In the game, there will be regular items. These are things that you find while looting sites, keep in your inventory and storage units, and can be used to craft and build. However, to progress further into the game, you need larger amounts of resources to support buildings.

We are beginning to experiment with something called strategic resources. These are bulk resources that can be extracted from the map, and are used to support different things. This can be refineries, machines, automatic replenishment of ammo, extra powerful defenses, and so on. Some of these resources can be extracted anywhere (given that you have the items needed to build the required extractor), while others need specific resource deposits. It is not uncommon for sites to contain resource deposits, which can only be properly utilized once a site has been cleared and defenses have been set up.

We are aiming towards making the strategic resource system more about strategic choice and challenge, and less about flow optimizations. With this in mind, we looked at other games, and Civilization caught our eye.

Civilization V strategic resources menu.

When you begin extracting resources on the map, they will be added to a global pool of strategic resources. For example, if you build an oil well on an oil deposit, it might provide 4 oil. These resources can then be used for buildings, or refined into more advanced strategic resources in production chains. This will subtract from your global total, so if you use 2 of those 4 oil for diesel, you have 2 unused oil left to allocate.

Here, we use 3 of our 4 oil resources for 2 purposes. Plastic, which we don’t use any of yet, and diesel, which we have chosen to utilize 3 of for a Tank.

If you run into a deficit, through either using too much of a resource or losing a deposit to an enemy attack, nasty things will happen to every production chain and building depending on that resource, causing potential catastrophic effects as defenses go offline and supplies dwindle, unless you can solve the problem quickly.

We think this will work really well to make your choices of where to go and what to do actually matter, and make controlling areas of the map crucial for your long term success.