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Based in Gothenburg, Sweden

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Project FNZ is a post-apocalyptic, top-down shooter, featuring hordes of thousands of enemies in an open world survival sandbox experience.



  • Survival: Explore an unforgiving world filled with natural hazards, inhospitable weather and countless enemies. Plunder abandoned sites, craft weapons of extermination and claim your spot in a world bent on your destruction.
  • True carnage: Fight hordes of up to ten thousand enemies using bullets, flames, explosions and magic, or simply run them over with your car. Only one thing matters: Do not get overwhelmed.
  • Base building: Design and construct intricate fortresses providing shelter, resources and tools for your endeavours. Supply it with energy, water and other utilities which are critical to conducting your operations. Establish destructive defensive parimeters, protecting what is rightfully yours.
  • Multiplayer: Band up with your friends, and explore this unforgiving world together. travel by foot, or by vehicles of war. Always stick together, or leave the weak behind; the choice is yours.
  • Modding Support: Use the level editor or modify the exposed content XML files in order to create original designs which can be shared with others. Items, world features and weapons are all examples of game content which will be fully customizable by you and other players.



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Original Soundtrack
Listen to the main theme, and the rest of the soundtrack, here: soundcloud.com.

About Far North Entertainment

Five dudes whose religion is games.

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Project FNZ Credits

Jimmy Malmer
CEO, Producer, Programming

Anders Eriksson
Programming Lead

Kevin Björklund
Artist, Environment and Level Design

Richard Wecke
Artist, Character Design

Simon Eliasson
Game Director, music

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