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We are experts within Virtual Reality, with experience of developement on a wide variety of platforms.


Our big passion and main mission is to make fun games, regardless of platform!

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Since last week we have been pretty busy with side projects and administration. It doesn’t get much game done, but it is needed to keep us going, so it has to be done. This means we didn’t have time for all that much development, but we still have loads of ideas we want to share! In the game, there will be regular items. These are things that you find while […]

Site raid escalating panic, and our plans for your war with the hordes

Hello there! This last week has been a little shorter than usual because of easter. We had really awesome weather during the extended weekend, so we have spent some extra time outside with our friends and families. This means we got a bit less done in the sense of the game, but here in Sweden you have to catch the few days of good summer weather we get each year! […]

Ghosts, and how XML will make modding great

This past week have spent a great deal of time on fixing some synchronization issues we had with chunk loading. Chunk loading is what happens when the player enters a new area on the map, and the following happens: If the server isn’t simulating the chunk (it isn’t loaded on the server), the chunk is loaded into server memory from a save file and everything starts “moving”. The server server […]

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