Far North Entertainment Privacy Policy

We at Far North Entertainment, Polstjärnegatan 14, 417 56, Sweden, with corporate number 559139-0215, wish to let you know that we want to handle all personal data we collect in any way with uttermost care, and also fully comply with all data collection laws such as the European Union data collection laws (GDPR).

By accepting this Privacy Policy, you give us consensus to keep any personal data you provide, and use it internally, or with third party companies or organisations for our commercial interest. This enables us to better understand what you as a customer want, as well as being able to provide you with the best games we can!

Note that even though you do not grant us permission, we might still be obligated to keep your data if:

We might also use and process your data, even though you do not grant us permission, if:

We will keep your data for as long as we have cool news to tell you about.

You will always have the right to access any of your personal data we have stored.

You have the right to at any time erase any or all of your personal data, unless we are obligated to keep it for legal reasons.

If you wish to contact us regarding any request or question regarding our use or processing of your personal data (or any other subjects for that matter), you can contact us at “contact@farnorthentertainment.com”.

This Policy might change in the future. Any changes will be posted here: